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Adults, and children by invitation – Thursday, 7.30 to 9 pm

Children from age 5 – Friday, 6.30 to 8 pm

There is no charge for a first “taster” session and thereafter the charge is currently £4 per session.

Clothing – for your first few sessions you should wear loose fitting clothing, such as tee shirt and tracksuit leggings, and you will be barefooted training on carpet tiles.

No shorts please, and please remove all jewellery, but you can keep a wedding ring on if you wish. Long hair may be best tied up, and remember to bring a drink.

After a few weeks, you will be expected to wear a “gi” like the other students.

You can buy one elsewhere as long as it meets our requirements, but you can probably buy one cheaper from one of the instructors.

After several weeks, and only if you wish to, we will introduce to you to “Sparring” where you will have the opportunity to practice one to one combat in a controlled environment. You will need a gum shield for this as a precaution.

We have an extensive amount of equipment for use by students – body armour, gloves, boots, helmets and floor mats are used regularly. We also have “Tyson” a weighted rubber manikin used for full power combat.

We have several instructors, male and female, of different ages ranging from teenagers upwards.

We can tailor tuition to specific needs if required –women’s self-defence, for instance. We have also coached students through the GCSE Sports Studies syllabus and provided appropriate certification and video to schools for onward transmission to Examination Boards.

You are welcome to come and just watch at first to see if it is for you. We won’t press you to commit because we are not in this for the money and only want people to come to our club who really want to be there. We are passionate about our sport and want you to share our enthusiasm.

You will receive one to one tuition when warranted.


A basic plain white gi costs from £13 upwards depending upon the size.

You will need to be licensed–this is a registration process with our professional body that also provides some insurance cover in the event injury.

The current charge is £15 a year, plus £3 for your first year to cover the cost of your membership book.

You a pay Grading Fee when you grade, to cover the cost of the belt and the exam fee. This is £7.50 per grade upwards according to the degree of difficulty.

Apart from that, there is just the weekly training fee which is currently £4 per session.